The Stupendous Value of Zero Social Media Engagement

Contrary to common belief, low, or even zero, social media engagement is not an indication of its value to the business. Here’s why.

One of the most important merics in social media marketing is engagement.

If people engage with your content through likes, shares and comments, it seems reasonable that eventually, it will result to some valuable business benefits.

But, is more engagement always better?

Nielsen published an often-referenced study called the 90-9-1 Rule of Engagement.

It said that in most online communities, 90% of its members are just lurking/reading, 9 percent are casual contributors and 1% are avid contributors.

So, even if you are doing a fantastic job generating a lot of community engagement, most of your ardent followers will still just be lurking in the background – giving you “zero” engagement

But just because they don’t engage doesn’t mean you’re not building trust.

On the contrary, the more they lurk and read, the more trust you build. And business benefits will not be far behind.

The key is keep putting out valuable content on social media.